… and white.

I’m off to Harbin tomorrow, so I will be thoroughly fed up with snow by the time I’m back. While I’m still in the mood, however, here are some more photos, this time from Beijing’s summer palace, in mid-winter. Sunset…

This tunnel effect is from using a wide-angle lens:

Finally, your humble author! (photo: Anastasia Maximchuk)


  1. it’s suspicious that you don’t have a shadow in the last photo, and appear to be unrealistically high off the ground. does ‘Anastasia Maximchuk’ also go by the name ‘Photoshop’?

  2. that’s true. it’s very difficult to f- up photos of snow or tigers. they just end up looking cool whatever.

  3. Amazing photos (and tigers always look cool too – they remind me of The Life of Pi).

  4. It’s minus 20 here in Harbin Adam … but if I can operate my camera through Eskimo gloves, I will definitely take a few snaps of the ice sculptures. I also the snow-tiger reserve just out of town has a Liger …

    Take care

  5. Al,

    The the last one’s my fave. I’m totally keen for those amazing Ice Festival snaps you’ll hopefully be delivering soon. ;-) Great article about it recently in Shanghaiist (http://feeds.gothamistllc.com/click.phdo?i=0be859669525c271c179a4cdaf3e5357).

    Abiding mate,

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