What is 6?

6 is a blog started in Beijing in the summer of 2008. It focuses on what six young Chinese of university age are thinking, talking about and frittering away their time on. This is a soft focus, with plenty else creeping in at the sides.

If you find something you like (or dislike enough to complain about) on 6, please link to it or highlight it on whichever networking or bookmarking site you use.

  1. Hi, just stumbled upon your site. Found your observation on the news consumption habits of PKU students very interesting.

    I write Beijing news for the Global Times. I hope to keep in touch with you.

    My email: huangshaojie@globaltimes.com.cn
    Office number: 9253 7881

  2. Good article about Mathilda. I found your blog this evening from your father’s articles about Google and China. Just thought to see what his son might be thinking. You may think you have sailed far enough from home, but your writing reflects very much your father’s clear thoughts and good critique :))

    Happy Easter.


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