Live feed

6’s live feed lets you view new posts as soon as they’re online. No need to keep checking the homepage. Technology does the grunt work for you.

Live feeds are also known as RSS. This stands for Really Simple Syndication. And it is. Once it’s set up, you’ll be alerted whenever 6 publishes a post.

Your first step is to download a feed reader. These can be either viewable on your browser (like Bloglines or Google Reader), or on your desktop, for both Mac OS (NetNewsWire or NewsFire) and Windows (the more intimidatingly titled FeedDemon or FeedBeast).

Next, add http://www.thinksix.net/feed into your feed reader. Or simply click either the orange button on the far right of your URL bar, or the irritatingly miniscule ‘Subscribe to feed’ link in the bottom left corner.


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