Mary, married

Congratulations to Mary, just married. She met and got to know her groom to be – Adam, an American pastor in training – in Wenling, Zhejiang last year and they’ve had an internet relationship ever since. I always did wonder why she was online on Skype quite so much.

It was a simple Christian ceremony, held in a private restaurant room by an American priest flown up from Hong Kong – in Chinese (including translations of Christian hymns … Ni Zhen Wei Da! for How Great Thou Art!), presumably for the benefit of Mary’s parents and much to the chagrin of Adam’s mum who had to follow the bilingual program.

Mary and Adam are now off to honeymoon in Thailand before settling in Wuhan. I wish them every happiness, and wonder if they will still be living in China in six or seven years. This will be the last post on this blog about Mary.

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  1. Alec, she looks amazing! Do you have any more pictures (or could you send me a lengthy account of the day in all its amazingness). How Great Thou Art is one of my favourite hymns, what good taste she has. What was the sermon on?

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