Bits and bobs

Three bits and bobs…

  • I’m delighted 6 gets a spot in CNReview’s list of ‘Ten Eclectic China blogs you should follow‘. Cheers!
  • Danwei notices that Beida requires its medical school students be not too short and not too fat … presumably not too clumsy enters the mix, also?
  • A friend and I recently did a napkin calcution of how many students applying to university in a high school year group will get into Beida or Tsinghua (if Chinese), compared to students who’ll get into Oxbridge (if English). The results … 1 in 100 for the UK, 1 in 10,000 for China.

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  1. Congratulations Alec, it’s very cool! But why do they call you Adam Ash?? Horace and I have recently started reading your blog, and like it very very much. He tried to write to you, but non of your old email adresses seems to work! All the best xx

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