Photo: more petitioner protests at Beida (17.4)

I took this picture at Peking University’s East-South gate last Friday morning at around 8am. My count was thirty odd protesters: all chanting against Sun Dongdong. It looks like they will continue to speak their mind until either Sun leaves Beida, or China forgets they are there (no prize for which I guess will happen first).

I asked one of them his opinion on why Beida students were not supporting them in condemning Sun Dongdong. I get the impression he was somewhat carried away by the chance to rave and exaggerated his point of view in the process, but his answer was interesting nonetheless: “to them it’s like a joke”. I wish I could have asked what he meant by that, but a rather unsubtle plainclothes policeman kneeled by us to listen and I felt that was the time to move on.

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  1. “a rather unsubtle plainclothes policeman kneeled by us to listen”, it reminds me that Beida doesn’t changed much after 20 years after all.

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