Ben goes undercover

Ben’s business is growing: he just hired his second assistant (his first, if you remember, was his little sister). She is a young Beijinger who was selling a few clothes online herself – on a much smaller scale than Ben (business-wise, I don’t mean she was selling tiny lederhosen for dwarves or something).

Ben noticed this and thought she might fit the bill. Her ‘interview’ was done in subterfuge: he pretended to be interested in buying an item, to feel out how her skills at dealing with customers. Satisfied, he broke cover and offered her a percentage of his sales which will amount to something between 1000RMB and 3000RMB (£100-300) a month. She’ll be starting in a week or so. Next … the world?

And, as promised, a photo below of a typical sweater Ben sells (with my cat as an entirely accidental model):

A typical sweater bought wholesale by Ben and sold on (with my kitten as an entirely accidental model)

A typical sweater bought wholesale by Ben (in this case from a factory in Guangzhou) and sold on

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  1. found your blog from Taobao.
    very intersting.
    didn’t know you are a english.
    I’m Chinese by the way.
    wish your ben friend goog luck!

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