What does the inside of a PKU dorm look like?

A good question, I think, given that I’m writing about what Beida students are talking, thinking and learning about in those dorms. The answer? It looks like this:

That’s a friend of mine’s dorm in Beida’s south-west corner. Here’s the corridor outside (the room with the flag on it is the room above, I’ve smudged the room number):

And the shared washroom, where many students handwash their laundry:

I also took a sneaky action shot from an open door a little way down the corridor, of three students, back to back, shirts off in the heat, working at their desks in a room similar – but smaller – than the one up top. It was a fun photo and I was thinking of publishing it, but my conscience got the better of me. Score: privacy 1 blog 0.


  1. Is this a photo of a graduate student dorm room? When I was a graduate student at PKU almost 10 years ago, 6 undergraduate students or 4 graduate students shared a single room. If only 4 undergraduate students now share a room, that’s real progress.

  2. Is there a difference between the men’s dorms and the women’s dorms at Beida? I saw pictures once of another Chinese university and there was a huge difference. The men’s were rather Spartan and the women’s recently upgraded and a bit more comfortable. Even the bathrooms were different.

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