Your daily dose of patriotism

In the wake of the Yushu earthquake, solidarity and love of country is palpable. (Although for implications of the quake on Han-Tibetan relations, see this conversation with Robert Barnett on the China Beat.)

Another pretext for patriotism – not that China needs it – is the opening of the Shanghai World Fair in nine days. This amateur calligrapher, from Shanghai, is in the middle (that’s a really lame pun, if you know the character 中) of writing ‘Love My China’ on the streets of Hohhot.

Now, is that a shorthand statement, or polite request?

Love my country


PS – also up at the China Beat is the twin of this photo.


  1. Thank you for this Charles – I should have cottoned on to that, somewhere over the course of my Tang poetry lessons.

  2. 爱我中国 means 我爱中国; the first two characters are switched for poetic form (to emphasize the word love).

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